Avoid witch hunts

February 3, 2011

Arsene Wenger has accused the media and fans of indulging in a witch hunt against Cesc Fabregas, characterized by this blog in The Grauniad. Cesc has been the centre of attention in his last two matches but there are easy explanations in response to the accusations of him trying to get players sent off, accusing refs of cheating, hacking down opposition players, telling them to fuck off when they ask for his shirt, diving, time wasting, taking illegal penalties, holding on to the ball in front of the crowd to stop the other team from kicking off, accusing other clubs of poor tactics and so on. There may well be evidence for all of these things in the last few games Arsenal have played, but that doesn’t stop the media from trotting them all out along with stories of all of his past demeanours of spitting at opposition players and managers, scissor tackles, studs up challenges, feigning injury, throwing food and generally falling out with every club, manager and player he comes up against.