Know your opponent

January 13, 2011

Football is a game that evolves. New rules are constantly considered as a way of improving the game. From the banning of hacking to the introduction of three points for a win, many of these new rules benefit the game. Arsenal’s defeat to Ipswich last night must surely have laid the basis for a new rule change so that Arsenal get to decide how the other team plays. This can only come about when FIFA introduces rules that allow Arsenal to choose the team and the tactics of their opposition.

 In the vanguard of the need for change is football visionary Cesc Fabregas. Speaking in the wake of the game he said:

”I don’t know if it is long ball or it is a rugby kick but it worked for them. In England, a lot of teams play like that and it works for them, they create chances like that and it is their football. We just have to put the ball on the floor and try to play football. Credit to them because they played well but Arsenal played the football, the other team refused to play football, they were lucky to score with a long ball.’

Well said Cesc. And just to prove the point above is another example to go with the others of how to play football the right way.


2 Responses to “Know your opponent”

  1. Ricko said

    Love the fact that you’ve chosen a clip where Fabregas actually does get caught in the face, quite clearly, by Robben’s hand.

    If you can’t see that may I suggest a trip to Specsavers!

  2. markelt said

    Yes, it nearly took his head off didn’t it?

    Bacary Sagna was also similarly practically beheaded yesterday by a massive elbow to the chops judging by the faceclutch he pulled off. Presumably he’s now in a neck brace . No, wait, he just got straight up when his opponent wasn’t booked.

    I had given up on this blog, but maybe for old times sake, you could apply your sparkling analysis to Jack Wilshere’s two studs up challenges yesterday, Bendnter’s wild swing at Jermaine Pennant, Alex Song elbowing Robert Huth in the face. When you’re done picking over those, go read the disciplinary table for this season and let the class know what explains that as well.

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