Accept setbacks gracefully part 167

January 6, 2011

Arsenal are renowned all over the world for their ability to deal with setbacks with grace. So it was disappointing not only to see the ref completely misjudge Bacary Sagna’s attempts to congratulate Zabaleta on an evening of sterling defensive work but how the media have also misinterpreted Cesc Fabregas ‘accosting’ Roberto Mancini at the end of the game, much as they did when Fabregas had post match conversations with Alex Ferguson, Mark Hughes, Tony Pulis and Brian Horton.

PS No way did he spit at Horton. Or Michael Ballack. And no way did he encourage Gerard Pique to spit at one of Spain’s coaches on the victory bus after the World Cup.


2 Responses to “Accept setbacks gracefully part 167”

  1. Ricko said

    Once again you’ve had the genius to choose clips that clearly undermine your jibes.

    As the clip you’ve posted of Sagna and Zabaleta clearly shows it is Zabaleta who’s starting on Sagna, getting in his face as he’s still trying to get up off the floor.

    And as for the clip of Pique and Fabregas, Pique’s off his face and Fabregas clearly isn’t “encouraging” him to spit at anyone.

    But keep posting videos that undermine every word you write, by all means.

  2. markelt said

    Of course, you’d have to be a fool to conclude that there was anything like that going on when Fabregas went over to the pissed up Pique, whispered in his ear, pointed at the coach, pushed Pique towards him then pissed himself laughing when Pique gobbed on his back.

    What did you make of van Persie spitting at an opponent?

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