Take the pictures

September 20, 2010

Once again Arsene Wenger found himself at the centre of controversy over the weekend following the disastrous 1-1 draw at Sunderland. Wenger was alleged to have shoved 4th official Martin Atkinson but defended himself with the claim ‘take the pictures and look at it. I complained to nobody.’

Well there you have all the evidence you need that Wenger indeed complained to nobody even though Arsenal were hamstrung by the behaviour of the officials, playing against eleven men for only the second time this season, having Alex Song sent off following a string of merely protective challenges and conceding freekick after free kick.

But Arsene was pushed almost beyond the point of his habitual sang froid by the decision of the officials to keep playing until the final whistle.


3 Responses to “Take the pictures”

  1. asdas said

    His response was aimed at the allegations claiming that he had “laid hands on the fourth official” which the pictures show he didn’t. Idiot.

    • percyfilth said

      Only he did though didnt he, as the Tv footage showed him clearly pushing Atkinson. Same myopic vision as Wenger.

  2. markelt said

    Fair enough mate. Fortunately somebody took this picture. There’s video somewhere as well. So not so much ‘allegations’ as ‘statements of fact’. Something that Wenger seeems to find difficulty with nowadays.

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