Part 28 – play fair

May 4, 2010

Football continued in its lingering death throes yesterday as Arsenal were defeated by a Blackburn side who blatantly had players standing in positions in the penalty area trying to score from corners. 

As usual one man was standing up for the rule of common sense. ‘He (Fabianski) had two players in front of him all the time and every time it was to stop him getting the ball. I think the referee cannot allow that. I am very disappointed the referee lets that happen in a football game, it is unfair to a goalkeeper. That is completely unfair.’

Clearly rule changes are needed. Based on his announcements this season, it would appear Wenger would favour the following:

1. No opposition players to stand in the Arsenal penalty box at corners

2. No taking the ball off Arsenal players anywhere on the pitch

3. No trying to score goals against Arsenal

Anything else is clearly unfair. On Arsenal.


One Response to “Part 28 – play fair”

  1. […] doubt he was concerned following last season’s game against Blackburn which saw the dirty Northern monkeys deliberately send players into the penalty […]

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