Quiz Time

March 19, 2010

Which manager in 2002, made the following statement after his team picked up their 11th red card in just 37 games:

‘You have to admire the passion and commitment of the English game. You have to ask yourself if you want to take that out of the game here. When I watch a Serie A game, I’m bored after 5 minutes. If you want totally clean football, you’ll get bored.’

A ‘Harry’ Bassett (pictured)

B Sam Allardyce

C Arsene Wenger?


4 Responses to “Quiz Time”

  1. Stu said

    This is a blog dedicated to attacking Arsene Wenger – isn’t the answer a little bit obvious? LOL

    Still, it was a numpty statement – he does say some utter rubbish. Though that said, he is far from alone 🙂

    Interestingly though, who tops the fair play table this season?

  2. markelt said

    Just building up a picture Stu. 🙂

    I know the answer to your question as well. How far they’ve come, eh?

  3. Stu said

    Yeah I see you – for such a clever bloke he really has a problem saying intelligent things! 🙂

    I remember one season Arsenal seemed to have red cards every few games, and they still bloody won the games, jammy buggers.

    Looking at that fair play table though, you can see the clean teams are simply those wanting to play smart football. Chelsea and Man U are right up there as well.

  4. Jay said

    Clean football, or treated leniently by referee’s scared of being dragged through the muck by a high profile manager. Take your pick. 🙂

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