Part 20 – the benefit of hindsight

March 16, 2010

There was a predictable furore at the weekend after Sol Campbell prematurely ended Kamil Zayatte’s season in a 50-50 challenge after earlier conceding a penalty by bringing down Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink when through on goal. Some claimed that Campbell shouldn’t have been on the pitch to cripple Zayatte in the first place. Other made insidious comparisons with Ryan Shawcross’s so-called 50-50 challenge which resulted in Aaron Ramsey’s near-death experience a couple of weeks ago. Yes, Graham Poll, we mean you.

Obviously these sorts of daft comparisons happen in the immediate aftermath of games when emotions are running high and people haven’t had the chance to think things through. A couple of days later we can make more sober assessments and draw more realistic conclusions. In this case, it is that people have to remember that the Shawcross incident involved something happening TO an Arsenal player, whereas in Campbell’s case it involved something committed BY an Arsenal player. Let’s hear no more about it.


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