Part 15 – know your responsibilities

March 6, 2010

With great power comes great responsibility. Arsene accepts this burden with great grace and is admired throughout the world of football for it. Everybody wants Arsenal to win every game they play so he understands the crushing disappointment that the world feels when Arsenal look like they might lose a game, to be denied the chance to admire yet another beautiful Arsenal victory. The  horror. The horror.


13 Responses to “Part 15 – know your responsibilities”

  1. Hans Gruber said

    This is the best blog in the world. Kudos!

    • Dave Harding said

      Keep up the good work – Arsenal = two faced and graceless, I suppose thats where their name came from

  2. bobbito said

    I’m quite sure a homosexual made this blog!!! Let’s slag arsenal off is an old mixtape everyone knows the lyrics off head. How about concentrating on the club u do support!!!! In that way avoiding gargling on the nuts of arsene wenger and arsenal fc

    • markelt said

      Do you know what a plethysmograph is? I think you’re betraying yourself, but thanks for dropping by anyway.

  3. Stephen Foster said

    im seying dis blog is definatly batty.

  4. Darren said

    So, why do you write this stuff about Arsenal? It reads like a huge amount of jealousy and it’s really quite immature and narrow minded.

    It’s as if you only ever read a newspaper or watch the news when someone is critiquing Arsenal. Did you not read about Harry Redknapp and his tax evasion – never heard Ferguson rant after a match (hence he rarely gives interviews now) – have you never seen any other player talk about bad tackles?

    Where were you when Mourinho was managing in the UK – I’m surprised you didn’t take down the entire internet blogging about his arrogance.

    Really – honestly, what you write on here…. If you could take a step back and look at it from a neutral perspective – perhaps you would see it too. It is honestly really sad – I genuinely feel sorry for you, sorry that you could feel so negatively about something that you would go to these lengths to write about it as you do – with barely any facts and with all negativity pointed at only one man or his team/club.

    Do other managers not moan about bad tackles? Has Ferguson never been fined or sent off for bemoaning tackles made against Man U players or refereeing decisions? I’ve lost COUNT of the time’s he’s been in trouble for his stupid comments yet you don’t mention any other manager ever doing the same thing as Wenger. They ALL do it – wake up and smell the roses.

    In my opinion the reason you make a point about Wenger is because he has given something to English football that no one has ever done – he has unparalleled footballing morals and standards, and sticks to his guns about how his team play. No one has EVER done that here before – and in my opinion those that take every given opportunity to criticize him are simply jealous of his success. I don’t think anyone else would see it any differently – if you weren’t jealous in some degree, this blog would not be here – simples.

    The only other manager in English football history to have had so much positive influence on a club is Alex Ferguson. The stats are there – go read up and see for yourself. The success of Man U and Arsenal is down to their respective managers – name another club in the WORLD that can claim a manager, and not a board of directors, has done that. It simply does not happen.

    Everyone was happy while Arsenal were “boring boring” or not contending for the title under various managers before Wenger. Any degree of success and a nice shiny stadium, oh and not to mention business morals about players pay and transfer markets, and heck Arsenal are all a bunch of c***s.

    Sorry – but I think your arguments are completely flawed (as you can tell from what I’m, writing), the existence of your blog is evidence of that. And moan all you like about Wenger and Arsenal – they are extremely successful and currently the best placed football team in the UK financially.

    You cannot argue with the facts – but you can be a dick about it. You are a master class of the later, sadly.

    Incidentally, I support Tottenham and have travelled the world supporting England and other teams including Juventus and Milan. You will struggle to find a more die-hard football fan. This difference between you and I is that I can see past the clouds of rubbish that clearly obscure your view on reality.

    Good luck in life. I strongly suspect you’re going to need it!

    • markelt said

      Thanks Darren. I think you’ve missed the point. This blog is about exposing hypocrisy in a manager who is prepared to hound players from other clubs for weeks, (even calling for lifetime bans) while ignoring the same faults in his own players. I’ve chosen to do this with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. If you feel you need to make similar or other points about other people and clubs – and God knows there’s plenty in football to have a go at – you go for your life.

  5. Darren said

    I don’t see how Wenger ignores faults in his own players any more than any other manager in football. Though I suspect that is only part of your issue with Wenger.

    I think if you read or watch the actual press conferences rather than listening to the snippets you see on TV you would understand why he asks for lifetime bans. I challenge you to come back and tell me what he actually says. Better still, post it on here and lets see what people say about him then. You should be able to get some of the press conferences off – I know for example that a number of other clubs also post their press conferences online.

    Put it this way, when Wenger calls for lifetime bans, he is not directing his comments at any individual player and is not suggesting his players should be excused from any such rule, far from it. In fact what he says is for the good of every single footballer governed by FIFA. I actually doubt he could say anything better in order to protect players, considering without that protection players who have worked hard for years and dreamed of a career in football can have it wrecked by a moment of stupidity.

    Rugby players are banned for extended periods for sporting “crimes’ of far FAR less seriousness. You can get a 6 week ban for a tackle without arms in rugby union. How does that compare to 3 matches for breaking someones leg and possibly ending their career? Granted, a lifetime ban is a harsh possibility, but the threat of it is what would stop bad tackles, not the reality of it. It’s likely no one would ever get a lifetime ban, because the bad tackles would simply stop.

    I know this much – when I go and see a game of football I want to see a flowing game, goals, good passing, creativity, skill. I don’t want to see someone flying in with studs showing trying to win the ball while clattering through the opponent. If I want to see people try and injure each other I’ll go and watch a boxing bout. And you won’t ever see me at a boxing ring – even though I’m a pretty agro guy and like to think I’m a hard bastard – fighting is for muppets, absolute muppets.

    Miss-timing is one thing, but reckless is another. Personally I do no look at Eboue’s tackle on JT and see that as reckless. It was very poor, poorly timed, call it what you want, but I do not see how it was reckless. Sure, it could have broken a bone in JT’s foot – but you can break a bone in your foot kicking a call – and we can’t stop that in football can we. You can’t break a leg running around playing football- it’s that simple.

    How many of the bad tackles we see from Arsenal players and from ALL players around the premier league would happen, if the punishment was firm? Would Martin Taylor have tackled Eduardo like he did? I’m certain he wouldn’t.

    How many two footed tackles would we see? Not many, if any. Is that a bad thing? No, of course not. Why should a player walk around on crutches for 3, 6, 12 months because some idiot had no respect for him?

    Have you ever heard Alan Hansen or Shearer or any other pundit or manager ever come out and say that Wenger is wrong to call for lifetime bans for reckless tackles? Find me one instance of that happening – everyone except you seems to know that what Wenger is asking for should probably be in place, or at least there should be far FAR better protection in place – broken legs should be a thing of the past, not still happening.

    To sum up my rant, get some context to your claims and lets see what people have to say. Give everyone the real facts, and let them make up their own minds. Giving your narrow minded and pretty uneducated opinion is really drab and as I said before, it comes across really immature – like you have some personal vendetta against Wenger. A grown man having personal vendettas against a football manager is pretty sad – surely even you can see that?!

  6. markelt said

    Actually Darren, I think ad hominem attacks on the writer of some frivolous, piss-taking blog read by a few hundred people are ‘immature and sad’. If you don’t like it, go read something else.

    You’re still missing the point. Are there not similarities between Abou Diaby kicking John Terry’s head off his shoulders and Ryan Shawcross’s tackle on Aaron Ramsey because one player got to the ball fracionally ahead of another player already committed to going for the ball? So why the extreme responses from Arsenal? Why was William Gallas’s potentially leg breaking tackle on Mark Davies something to gloss over in a press conference (and yes I have watched the whole thing) whereas Taylor deserved a lifetime ban? What exactly does he mean saying that the horrendous challenge on Steinsson was ‘protective’?

    If Wenger wants to shoot his mouth off, that’s up to him, but he needs to appply the same standards to his own players, and he doesn’t, so he can expect small responses like mine to highlight the fact. If you want to take on Mourinho, Ferguson and whoever, go write your own blog about them. God knows they offer you plenty of ammunition. But it’s not what this one is about.

  7. Darren said

    Have you really taken time to read what I have written?

    Do other managers not gloss over their players poor tackles? What football do you watch exactly because it’s definitely not the same stuff I watch each week!

    Where have I said that there are not similarities between the tackles you refer to? I don’t recall writing or suggesting that there are not similarities. I’m not an Arsenal supporter – I have no reason to defend them or Wenger – I’m merely questioning the argument that the blog portrays – and if you’re going to write a blog, you have to expect people like me to come along and have their say – so there is little point moaning about it and suggesting I should go elsewhere. If you don’t want me to read it, then don’t fucking write it. If this blog is only for narrow minded idiots then perhaps there should be a disclaimer on the front page.

    And have I not said that Wenger does exactly as other managers do, in “glossing over” his own players? Show me a manager that doesn’t do that. Wenger is no better or worse than any other manager when it comes to that. He simply gets more media attention.

    Is there another team in the league that plays the same style of football as Arsenal – no, not really. Does that probably mean that they are going to be on the receiving end of different decisions, more miss-timed tackles, different situations – surely, yes. Does that then mean that Wenger is in a different position as a manager – does it mean he probably feels his players need protection – well, yeah, why wouldn’t he – he’s human. Sure his judgement may well be clouded, but why would he not try and defend his own players – to suggest he shouldn’t is ludicrous, and to suggest he is alone in doing so is plain stupid.

    Again, I do not see any evidence that Wenger does not apply the same standards to his players – he would not condone a career threatening challenge from his own players. When has he ever come out and suggested his players are exempt from the same rules he suggests should be applied to others – never, not once.

    Did Alex McLeish condone Taylor? No. He agreed it was a red card and said it was not malicious. How can a two footed ankle high tackle not be considered malicious – if a tackle has the potential to end a players career, it’s malicious, end of story, and regardless of what team they play for. Now read that carefully – I’m not saying ARSENAL are exempt from it, I’m simply using an example of a tackle ON an Arsenal player. If an Arsenal player was the tackler and a Birmingham player had a leg broken, I don’t see why Wenger should be expected to say anything different from McLeish did – and visa-versa. This blod seems to suggest that Wenger is the almighty and should do differently from other managers – and I do not see that argument one little bit.

  8. markelt said

    Look Darren. It’s obvious you’re missing the point of this blog and also obvious that you have no sense of humour, no idea what football fans are like and – to be frank – not enough work. Carry on if you like, but I’m not.

  9. Darren said

    Typical you should judge my sense of humour and profession based on what I’ve written on here – doing so sums up my point as well as I could have done so myself.

    It’s obvious you’re missing the my point, and are completed closed to the idea of there being any other scenario than the absolute rubbish portrayed on here. You carry on believing tabloids and I’ll continue with the facts and there you go, you’re blissfully (stupidly) unaware and happy, and I’m in the know and happy – suits me!

  10. markelt said




    Perhaps you could tell me when football fans were supposed to be ‘balanced’ with their opinions about other clubs and managers. Are you sure you’re not getting some throwaway blog confused with the BBC? Try telling all the people around you at White Hart Lane how unfair all their chanting is at the next North London derby and see what happens.

    I’m aware that other people have different views and they are equally valid in many cases but I don’t give a shit about any of that because this is about my views of some aspects of Arsene Wenger’s behaviour. This blog is about him, not Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho, Jimmy Sirrell, Horace Austerberry or anybody else and ultimately this is my blog, not yours. If you want to espouse a different point of view, go do it. Fill your boots. I’m sure there’ll only be a few hundred people interested in yours as well.

    Now do one. In the nicest possible way.

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